KYL in English

KYL is traditional but youthful academic male choir with high ambition and great spirit.

Helsinki Academic Male Choir KYL ("Kauppakorkeakoulun Ylioppilaskunnan Laulajat") is the male choir of the Student Union of Aalto University School of Business. The choir consists mostly of present and former students of the school. A traditional yet virile league of gentlemen, the choir has been an energetic and well-recognized part of the Finnish music establishment since 1949.

Throughout the years KYL has conquered the world and provided its listeners with a wide repertoire of both Finnish national romantic as well as more modern and lighter music — not to mention serenades, drinking songs and traditional Christmas concerts.

The choir performs frequently in Finland and travels abroad approximately once a year. Over the last years KYL has visited e.g. Norway (2012), England (2011), the USA and Canada (2010), Germany (2009) and Spain (2009). The next longer tour takes place in Japan in May 2014.

KYL has won numerous international competitions, for example the 2011 International Male Voice Choir Competition in Cornwall, England, and 2010 International Leevi Madetoja Male Voice Choir Competition in Espoo, Finland. KYL was also awarded with the title Finnish Male Choir of the Year in 1998 by Finnish Male Choir Association.

From 1997 KYL has been conducted by Matti Apajalahti. Under his supervision the choir has dramatically developed its technical and artistic side. With his visionary and inspiring leadership skills Mr. Apajalahti has also raised the choir members' motivation to an entirely new level.

As a conductor Matti Apajalahti is both visionary and inspiring. Even though he is demanding he never forgets the fact that singing is and should be fun. When it comes to rehearsing and performing songs, he focuses not only on pure technical issues but also on textual interpretation.

KYL in Temppeliaukio Church

Concert tickets and recordings

Concert tickets

Tickets to KYL concerts can be purchased from KYL online shop. When entering the online shop, click "In English" button at top right corner of the page to change the language. You can pay the tickets with a net bank account or with all common payment cards. You will receive the ticket in electronic format to your e-mail address after the purchase. Both printed and mobile tickets will be accepted at concerts.


KYL's CDs are available for purchase at KYL online shop. The orders will be processed in couple of days and sent with standard postal service. The delivery time will depend on your location. The recordings are also available for purchase and listen in many digital music stores such as iTunes and Amazon and streaming services such as Spotify and Rdio.

KYL in Helsinki Music Centre

Ordering KYL

Are you having a ceremony, party, customer event or other important occasion to which you are looking for some stylish but interesting program? Consider KYL! A group of young singing men in their tailcoats is a classical act that surely makes an impact on your guests.

If you want to learn more about ordering KYL, just contact the choir's intendent Let's make your event memorable together!

KYL's quartet

Joining KYL

Are you a non-Finnish speaker wishing to join KYL? That is most certainly possible, and the choir currently have couple of non-native persons as its members. However, before applying, there are couple of things good to know.

The majority of the program KYL is singing is written in Finnish and choir's director puts a great emphasis on correct pronunciation and articulation, so willingness to learn the language is a must. Also, the language used in our rehearsals and internal communications is Finnish, so it will be on your own head to keep up.

If you are an exchange student wishing to visit KYL during your time in Finland, please be aware that depending on the situation, we might need to favor the applicants who have the possibility to become long-term members of the choir.

If you are willing to join KYL, please contact choir's president to discuss the matter further.