Getting closer to Christmas with KYL

Julkaistu 24.10.2012

In 2012, Helsinki Academic Male Choir KYL performs at three traditional Christmas concerts in Helsinki: one at German Church on Monday the 17th December and two at Temppeliaukio Church on Thursday the 20th December. KYL’s Christmas concerts are a beautiful and warm way to relax and get ready for the magical Christmas. Thousands of listeners have found our Concerts over the years and many concerts have been sold out.

The concert at German Church will be entirely performed by the choir, whereas both concerts at Temppeliaukio Church will feature a couple of songs accompanied by a soloist and organ. KYL guarantees a truly magical musical experience – whichever concert you prefer. The solos at Temppeliaukio Church will be performed by soprano Hanna Rantala, who has previously performed e.g. at the Finnish National Opera. Organ will be in turn played by Markku Mäkinen, who has worked with KYL in many occasions over years.

Additional information about our concerts can be found in Christmas concerts 2012 section. Tickets are sold by Lippupalvelu. Make sure you buy yours well in advance in order to avoid the unwanted situation of being left without a ticket.

KYL welcomes you and wishes you a warm and beautiful Christmas!

Christmas concert at Temppeliaukio church

Christmas concert at Temppeliaukio church